Working on the Funny Dog Videos Page

The rumours are true. Funny dog Leo has launched his own blog.

Howwwwldy Folks! Just relaxing in the sun. Working with my human mom on the blog and getting ready for some lunch. I’m still not moving around much today but I’m in a happier mood. Anyway, before chowing down I thought I should let you know where I’m at with my dog blog.

Mom’s helping me set up the doggie blog post categories and the first page Funny Dog Videos is in the works.

After a couple of late night brainstorming sessions we’ve come up with a website blueprint for the Blogging Cur. Plan is to fill the website with laughter by adding pages of cute dog pictures, silly stunts performed by canines and pretty sure we’ll be adding a dog meme or two along the way.

I’m feeling a tad under the weather this week. The sunshine is helping.

Pretty tough to keep up with my foster puppy brother

Talk about a funny dog, his tongue keeps falling out of his mouth. And, don’t even get me started on those ears.

He keeps stealing all my toys and my humans attention.

Ok, so he’s kind of a cute pup and I’ve had fun going for walks with him and even playing.

Mom keeps telling me what a good boy I am and how I’m a real patient dog.

Please follow my blog & check back often.

Author: Blogging Cur's Mom

Hello, I'm Leo's human mom. I'm a #spoonie too. He can't type yet so I do his typing for him.

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