Cute Dog Who Shall Remain Nameless

I decided not to give my foster bro a cute dog name because I didn’t want to get too attached. He’ll be heading out to live with his new forever family real soon and I’m going to miss him. Don’t tell Mum though. Wouldn’t want her to think I’m a sentimental pooch.

He sure is a cute dog, especially when he’s sitting there all goofy like with his tongue hanging out. He’s the silly looking one in the picture. I’m the chill dog laying there relaxing.

Some days I’ve been too tired to play with him. Just not feeling well enough. But, other days it’s been great having the pup around because he pushes me to get up and move. I’ve even had fun playing with him sometimes.

I’ve been busy teaching him how to pee n’ poo outside. He’s a quick learner. The only time he has an accident is if the humans can’t figure out why he’s whining quickly enough. They aren’t used to it because I’m the strong silent type. I like to make them guess when I have to go by standing silently one floor down at a door waiting where they can’t see me.

Wait, what? Oopsie! Have to sign off for now. I hear some kibble calling my name. That kid chokes food down faster than any other doggy I’ve ever seen, including myself. And, believe me. I’m hard to beat.

I’ll be back to add more cute dog pics to this post real soon.

Author: Blogging Cur's Mom

Hello, I'm Leo's human mom. I'm a #spoonie too. He can't type yet so I do his typing for him.

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