Playful Pup

No stopping this playful pup from enticing Leo into wrestling with him.

Phew! That playful pup sure tuckered me out today. I tried ignoring him but he kept tempting me with toys. And, when that didn’t work he straight up jumped me.

I mean there I was sitting in my big blue chair, taking it easy, soaking up some rays and just dozing off. When from out of nowhere a black streak comes flying through the air. The bratty playful pup pretty near knocked the wind out of me when he landed smack dab in the middle of my back.

Mum’s right. With those ears his name should be Dumbo and he can fly.

First he wanted to wrestle but I just couldn’t do it because one of my front paws is very swollen today. Then he wanted to play tug of war with his tiny little baby pup rope. Try clamping down on something that little with these teeth and leaving an end for someone else to grab onto.

I didn’t want to let the little guy down, so I played

Playful Pup Filled Up With Pep

I’ve never seen him this playful before. His energy level was off the charts. Mum seemed like she was in need of a break and I didn’t want to let the little guy down. So, we worked something out and played in my chair while he was on top of me.

He is going to his forever home in two days so he went to the doggy doctor for a check up and some other stuff called needles yesterday. Mum said he’d be quiet today. Boy, was she ever wrong.

I’m not sure why he was being such a playful pup today. All I know is whatever happened yesterday sure didn’t seem to be bothering him.

Anyway, best get back to the little guy now. Only a couple of days left now to teach him everything I know before sending him on his way to his furever home.