Cute Dog Videos by Scarlet

Foster sis Scarlet and her cute dog videos crack me up. So happy she went to her furever home where she is loved loved loved! Last dog news from her was that she almost has her humans fully trained.

I kinda like it that she stays in touch.

Cute dog Scarlet’s story

Puppy pile pic on Scarlet's cute dog videos page

So, I’m sitting at home minding my own business. Enjoying some quiet time while I had the house to myself.

And, the next thing I know all heck breaks loose when Mum comes traipsing in with a pile of wriggly, whiny puppies.

I kid you not! Four pups!

I was pretty sick that day with an infection and on lots of medicine. So Mum wouldn’t let me anywhere near the little beasts. There were 3 girls and 1 boy. She explained to me that they wouldn’t be staying; foster pups she said. Phew!

One of the girls (Scarlet) went to live with one of my favourite peeps, Marissa. She even came to visit since I’ve been feeling better.

Links to Cute Dog Videos by Scarlet

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