Vet Cost

My monthly vet cost is pretty high these days.

But, there’s a silver lining! We’ve launched the Blogging Cur starring me, Leo the funny dog. It’s fun because I get bonus one on one time with Mum and even more of her attention while she’s taking tons of cute pictures and funny dog videos of me.

Earn toward Leo's monthly vet cost
The Blogging Cur sleeping on the job

We’re dog blogging to make you laugh. Plus, we get to laugh too and we hope to earn some money toward my vet bills.

Vet Costs for other dogs

Also, if we make more than we need we’ll be able to help other dogs out with their vet costs and donate to dog rescues too.

Earnings from Leo’s Dog Blog

A note from my human Mum “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Other ways we can earn money

As well, when Mum uses something that she is happy with, she will sometimes sign up to earn referral fees. She’s very particular about it being ONLY FOR THINGS THAT SHE USES AND IS PROUD TO REFER visitors to. She can earn a commission or fee if someone visiting via her referral link makes a purchase.

For example she registers domains through Full Host and uses their hosting services for her blog

As a satisfied customer of more than a year she began using her referral link online.

Most importantly though, we just want to say thank you! Thank you for visiting the Blogging Cur. If you’re on Instagram or Facebook, please pop on over and say hi! We love to make new dog friends from all over the world. We love to socialise on social media.

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