Funny Dog Videos, Scandalous Dog News, Silly Pup Pics & Other LMAO Canine Stuff

Blogging Cur’s goal is simple; make you laugh at funny dogs until your tummy hurts.

Along with my own dog blog posts I’m going to have funny dog videos. I’ll share cute dog pictures of some of my buddies. Goodness knows I’ve got a ton of dog pals. Pretty sure as the Blogging Cur grows you’ll find a dog meme or two that’ll make you snort as well.

I know I am the funniest and smartest dog. But, I’m not the only funny dog around. At the Blogging Cur we are inclusive. We are friends with humans, cats and even pure bread dogs too. In fact we love all species equally. Especially when they make us laugh.

Make sure you follow my blog as it grows with tons of funny dogs. I’ll be back spiffing up the home page soon. For now I’ll leave you with a video of me scratching my butt.